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All Terrain Ambulance is a division of Quad Medical Ltd. The complete event medical provider. If you are holding an event off road, we can offer unrivalled medical assistance and fast response times.


Our specialised ATV Vehicles are ideal for events where conventional ambulances cannot access, such as festivals, sporting events, plus a whole load more! They are fully equipped, self contained units. Our fully trained operators are able to get to patients in almost any situation, quickly and easily.


Being a UK first, ATV1 & ATV2 are becoming very popular within the event industry and are proving to be a real asset in rapid response medical assistance. They are very versatile and are able to navigate through crowds and obstacles without a problem.


We currently have six vehicles on fleet. ATV1 is ideal for events such as festivals, where patient retrieval in high capacity environments is needed. ATV2 is our dedicated search and rescue unit, complete with a full kit enabling help where its needed. ATV3 is our customised quad bike equipped with a full medical kit, blue lights and high powered search lights. It can literally go anywhere and navigating through rough terrain is no problem! ATV4 & ATV5 are our Rapid Response Segways. They navigate through event sites with minimal fuss, and can get help to where its needed promptly and efficiently. With full sign writing and blue lights, they are fully customised to meet our exact requirements. ATV6 is our 4x4 Off-Road Rapid Response Vehicle. Full kitted with the latest medical equipment & technology, blue lights and unique sign writing, it's a valuable addition to any event.