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Quad Medical have many years experience in providing event medical cover. We are always looking for new ways to get to patients at events with minimal fuss and as quickly as possible. For this reason, All Terrain Ambulance was created.


Our five All Terrain Vehicles are equipped for every scenario imaginable.


ATV1 & ATV2 may appear to both look the same, but they operate in very different ways. If your event is one with danger involved such as MotoX, our rescue unit will be ideally suited to you. If your event involves lots of people, such as a festival or sporting event, our stretcher equipped ambulance ATV will probably suit you better.


Every part of the ATV's has been meticulously planned down to the finest detail, from the equipment bags to the uniforms. We believe that our customers should not settle for anything but the best, and that is what we always provide.


Being a UK first, we are finding that these vehicles can be used at almost any event, to great effect and are becoming a must have item at events.


They are fully road legal which is great when events span across different sites in the same area. For the longer journeys, they have their own transporter enabling them to arrive at your event, wherever it is.


Our service to you always includes the utmost attention to detail, for example, our personnel will always be in our unique trademark uniforms (see gallery page) enabling them to be spotted easily in a crowded area and our equipment bags are robust and able to withstand the rigours of off road use without getting everything inside damaged.


Whatever your event, we can provide you with an unrivalled service that will give your guests/visitors complete piece of mind that they will be cared for with the best technology currently available.


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